Alabaster Bowls,
Soft glow of gentle,
sweet light.
Illuminate Me.

Alabaster Candle Holders are the perfect gift for loved ones, weddings, anniversaries, meditation, and relaxation.

Large Bowls


Lit at night these massive hand carved Alabaster bowls transcend their form and become 'Divine Illumined Beings', emanating a powerful and peaceful presence. Wonder dances about them. Questions arise about their true origins. Like celestial beings, they carry messages that speak to us about our most profound questions. They speak of beauty, majesty and might.


There is only one source for these magnificent Alabaster bowls. Paul Hawkins and Susan Zalkind spend their lives dedicated to revealing the beauty of each stone that they personally gather throughout the Southwest. The largest of these bowls in its raw state weights over 500 pounds.


In almost four decades of carving fewer than 4 dozen large bowls have been carved. Massive, intact, raw Alabaster nodules are a rare find. If you require authentic work, extravagant beauty and love natural materials these grand bowls will grace and illuminate your life.


Look no further, you have discovered spectacular Inlay and Onlay found only in our translucent and rare colored Alabaster bowls. They are stunning accents complimenting any décor, the neutral earth tones present in each bowl are ideal for creating a focal point in a room when centered on a table or beautiful natural stone or wood countertop.

Large White Alabaster Bowls

"The Mother Bowl"
2006 - 15”h x 22"w x 20"d


Paul carved this nodule of White Arizona Alabaster, one of the largest we’ve found in 37 years, into its dynamic and inviting shape implying the river that once gurgled and ran free from its belly.  Deeply luminous when lit. 



"Standing Tall"
2009 - 16”h x 20”w x 12"d


Another of the very few extraordinaryily large bowls weighing over 500 lbs in the raw that we’ve found over the years, Paul kicked himself for deciding to turn this one on its side to carve because with its small opening and long body it became almost impossible to carve.  The most difficult amongst our original collection of hand carved Alabaster bowls this powerful piece glows brilliantly at night with a few votives in her belly.


Medium sized alabaster stone bowl by artist Paul Hawkins illuminates a large room at nightclick to enlarge

"Light-Stone Centerpiece"
2012 - 9"h x 16"w x 14"d


Gorgeous with the sun shining through by day or glowing with a few votives in its belly at night this handsome centerpiece will continuously charm and illuminate you and your home.


Medium sized alabaster stone bowl by artist Paul Hawkins illuminates a large room at night
click to enlarge

"Medium Alabaster Bowl"
2012 - 12"h x 12"w x 10"d


The light emanating from this piece is reminiscent of antique fixtures.  Perfect for a home appointed with a sense of history.



Bowls of Rare Color and Figure


Paul and I have traversed the Southwest US in search of the rarest colored Alabasters.  It's what we're known for!  We've found every color of the rainbow including blue!  Few and far between are colored stones that are large enough to carve an entire large bowl from, however, we do introduce the beauty of these rare colors with our inlays and onlays onto the large bowls. 


The Temple Bowls


The night Paul finished his first "Temple Bowl" in 2010 he had a nightmare!  He dreamed he was running for his life, bowl in arms, being chased out of an ancient tomb by a huge, scary and unidentifiable monster.  When he woke up in bed in the morning he guessed he made it! 



"Small Temple Bowl #12"
2012 - 6"h x 9"w x 7"d


  Carved from a clear and gorgeous White Arizona Alabaster and onlaid with the rare Orange and Agate Red Alabasters this piece is luminous both day and night. 


"Monk’s Bowl"
2012 - 8"h x 14"w x 10"d


The 3rd in the series of Temple Bowls this elegant White Arizona Alabaster onlaid with the Red Agate and Orange Alabasters along its rim is the perfect focal point for your living room, foyer or coffee table – to name a few possibilities!  


"Medium Temple Bowl #13"
2012 - 6"h x 11"w x 9"d


This beautiful bowl was carved from a very translucent White Arizona Alabaster and, following the tradition of its lineage, was onlaid with the rare Red Agate and Orange Alabasters.  This bowl has many pieces onlaid onto its rim. 


"Cloud Heights Temple Bowl #16"
2012 - 7"h x 13"w x 12"d


An overcast sky might describe the body of this translucent White Alabaster bowl onlaid with an Orange and Red Alabaster rim in the Temple Bowl tradition.   Beautiful and subtle by both night and day. 



"Tall Temple Bowl #17"
2013 - 10"h x 11"w x 11"d


Can you be ‘stately’ and ‘original’ at the same time?  Carved from the White, Orange and Red Alabasters, this piece has a certain bearing that will bring gravitas and elegance to any home. 




Inlays and Onlays


Embellishment, interest, playfulness, endless variation and possibility are why we love to adorn some of our pieces with a variety of Alabasters, fossils and gemstones.  "Inlay" is achieved by first carving a channel in the main body of the piece  then cutting, fitting, glueing and polishing other stones or materials to fit precisely into that channel.  "Onlay", as seen on the rims of the 'Temple Bowls', is accomplished by flattening the surface onto which the additive stone is being attached and then cutting, fitting and glueing that stone to fit not only the rim but those additive stones on either side of itself.   Both are time consuming processes. 



"The Vein Bowl"
2011 - 8"h x 13"w x 8"d


We have a video of our son Zali personally chopping, prying, hammering and sweating this confluence of two Orange Alabaster veins out of the cliffface.  It took him hours! (Ah Youth!)  For many reasons but especially for that this piece is very special to us.  It definitely has Paul’s hand on it too – his love of natural materials, his leaving so much of the raw stone exposed, unworked, the dynamism of his shapes. 


"Pink and Purple Bowl"
2005 - 10"h x 17"w x 16"d


This is the largest piece of the California Pink Alabaster we ever found.  Paul carved it into this handsome bowl and sumptuously inlaid it with extraordinary pink and purple gemstones from around the world like Sugilite, Charoite, Rhodachrosite,  Rose Quartz, and Lepidolite to name a few. 



"Orange Creamsicle Bowl"
2006 - 6"h x 20"w x 16"d


Carved from the Orange Alabaster and extravagantly inlaid along its rim with gemstones of New Mexican Lepidolite and Rodonite from the Yukon.  


"Seaform with Tentacles and Shells"
12 "h x 21"w x 15"d


An exciting, original and magnificent piece extravagantly carved from the White Alabaster, onlaid and inlaid with the Popsicle Orange Alabaster and Orange Scallop shells from the South Pacific.  


"Orange Rimmed White Alabaster Bowl"
2011 - 10"h x 9"w x 9"d


A simple and handsome piece, this White Alabaster bowl is onlaid along its rim with the Orange Alabaster from Utah. 


"Tall Three Legged Bowl"
2010 - 14"h x 12"w x 10"d


Carved from White Alabaster this bowl sports an Orange Alabaster rim and leg appointments and is lofted by Ironwood feet. 


"The Wedding Ring Bowl"
2009 - 9"h x 11"w x 10"d


The finest of Uruguayan Amethyst Crystals sits atop and extraordinary Amethyst crystal which is set into this elegant ly hand carved White Alabaster bowl inlaid with an Orange Alabaster rim.


"Purple Onyx inlaid Bowl"
2010 - 9"h x 11"w x 10"d


Another extraordinary gemstone inlay this White Alabaster bowl is inlaid with a very rare Hotspring Travertine Onyx and Purple Micaceous Quartz combination.  A surprise slice of a rare Amethyst stalactite is also a surprise finding on the piece.