Alabaster Bowls,

Soft glow of gentle,

sweet light.

Illuminate Me.


Alabaster Candle Holders are the perfect gift for loved ones, weddings, anniversaries, meditation, and relaxation.



Landscapes and Scenes


Eloquently describing the bones of the Earth these handcarved Alabaster landscapes, scenes and rockscapes inlaid with fossils and gemstones are entirely individual expressions of wonder. Very much alive themselves with the awesome beauty of the Earth and the Southwest these pieces are grounding to live and add endless fascination to your home environment.


Stone Sculpture Desert Landscapes tell the story of the Southwest. Bring the whispers of the desert breeze, soft highlights, and stillness inside; You will experience the beauty of the desert climate without ever leaving your own environment.



Sculpture of the geologic history of Arizona carved in Alabaster, gemstone, wood, and fossil
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"The Geologic History of Arizona"
36"h x 36"w x 36"d


From the Sonoran Desert with it’s Saguaro cactus through the fossil beds of the Chinle Formation into the Coconino limestone at sunset this spectacular original sculpture is entirely carved from rare colored Alabasters and studded with extraordinary gemstone and fossil specimens such as fossil Ammonite, Dinosaur Bone and Trilobites to Chrysocholla, Amethyst and Black Lip Mother of Pearl amongst them.  It was built upon an Alabaster base out of which grow High Desert Juniper limbs onto which the carved Alabaster plates rest which comprise this ascending desert scene.  The piece dissembles for shipping and installation.   




Sculpture of the geologic history of Arizona carved in Alabaster, gemstone, wood, and fossil
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"Window Rock Monument"
20 "h x 19"w x 19"d


The body and base of this piece is carved from rare Desert Striped Alabasters.  Inlaid with Amethyst Crystals, Uvarovite Gemstone and rare Black Coral this piece also hides a hidden container.  The saguaro cactus is carved from the rarest of Green Alabasters. 

This monument is carved and then carved a second time with an erosional carving technique that Paul invented to describe the weather worn desert.




Sculpture of the geologic history of Arizona carved in Alabaster, gemstone, wood, and fossil
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"Peyote Desert Scene"
14 "h x 12"w x 10"d


Carved from rare Desert Striped and Green Alabaster this enchanting scene carving features a Lapis Lazuli ‘underground’ river and blooming Amethyst flowers.            




Sonoran Desert Alabaster sculpture with lapis, chrysocholla, amethyst, and rare green and red alabasters.
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"Enchantment Canyon"
10 "h x 8"w x 7"d


Atop a carved Red Agate Alabaster sculpture which hides a secret container sits a secret desert canyon replete with Green Alabaster saguaro, Lapis Lazuli river, Chrysocholla rock formation and Amethyst barrel cactus.           




Southwest Desert Sunset Jewlery Box Fine Art Sculpture
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"Southwest Monument Sunset"
28 "h x 48"w x 14"d


Carved and assembled from the rarest of colored Alabasters and studded throughout with gemstones a carved and gemmed jewelry box is contained in the body of this spectacular and original piece.      




Desert Stripe Alabaster River Rock Container Sculpture
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"River Rock Cascade"
5 "h x 18"w x 9"d


From the rare Desert Striped Alabaster each of these rock forms from the largest to the tiniest is individually carved (not found) and arranged in this lyrical river worn formation.  The three largest of the carved river rocks are hand sculptures that reveal hidden spaces inside.  Don’t we all want to climb inside our secret and safest cocoons?    




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