Alabaster Bowls,

Soft glow of gentle,

sweet light.

Illuminate Me.


Alabaster Candle Holders are the perfect gift for loved ones, weddings, anniversaries, meditation, and relaxation.



Beautiful Vessels


Our Alabaster Vessels are elegant, rare colored, translucent and handcarved dynamic and organic sculptural shapes that are inlaid with gemstones and fossils.  Perfect for coffee tables, centerpieces and fascinating focus appointments these statements of heightened beauty bring warmth and wonder to your home. 


Vessels of genuine Alabasters are a prized keepsake in celebration of the 37th Wedding Anniversary!


Lavendar-Mauve Alabaster Rose
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"Chinese Writing Stone in Alabaster Covered Bowl"
2010 - 6"h x 7"w x 6"d


White Alabaster covered bowl inlaid with Chinese Writing Stone (Porphyry with Feldspar Crystals) lined with High Desert Juniper.  




Lavendar-Mauve Alabaster Rose
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"Red Alabaster Stacker with Uvarovite"
2013 - 14"h x 9"w x 7"d


Red Alabaster functional sculpture with three (3) containers lined with High Desert Juniper and inlaid with druzy green garnet Uvarovite. 

Lavendar-Mauve Alabaster Rose
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"Abalone with Jade Tentacles and Gemstone Bowl"
2013 - 6"h x 9"w x 7"d


A pristine Abalone Shell inlaid with handcarved Jade tentacles is the top to a covered bowl that is inlaid with exquisite gemstones from around the world.

Lavendar-Mauve Alabaster Rose
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"The Nake Box"
2013 - 6"h x 15"w x 5"d


Atop the elegant, long, thin, handcarved, red Alabaster container lined with High Desert Juniper lies a sort of scary ‘nake’ carved from an extraordinary and rare black, white and red Alabaster replete with coral tongue and Amethyst eyes.  “Why are you calling it a ‘Nake’?” I asked Paul.  “Because it’s not really a snake and it’s what I decided!” 


Orange Not the Crab Alabaster fine art sculpture container
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"Orange Not the Crab"
2012 - 11"h x 16"w x 15"d


Carved from the rarest of Popsicle Orange Alabasters and inlaid with a gorgeous baby Abalone shell.  Whenever I call it ‘the crab’ Paul says “It’s not a crab!” – thus it got it’s name!  Alabaster is the only stone that has learned to walk, crawl, sit, lie down and even run! 


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