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If you are interested in purchasing my work for your home please be in touch via phone or e-mail. I am beginning a new making period in my studio this spring and summer. I look forward to hearing from you.


Current available work can be found at or though one of my galleries across the United States.




Susan Zalkind

Fluted Vessel by Susan Zalkind, 2015 Fluted Vessel by Susan Zalkind, 2015 • 10"h x 12"w x 12"d Flying Bowl by Susan Zalkind, 2015Flying Bowl by Susan Zalkind, 2015 • 8"h x 14"w x 14"d<


Alabaster Bowls,

Soft glow of gentle,

sweet light.

Illuminate Me.


Alabaster Candle Holders are the perfect gift for loved ones, weddings, anniversaries, meditation, and relaxation.