Alabaster Bowls,

Soft glow of gentle,

sweet light.

Illuminate Me.


Alabaster Candle Holders are the perfect gift for loved ones, weddings, anniversaries, meditation, and relaxation.



Contemporary American House Gods


Paul Hawkins

Following the grand old tradition of Chinese House Gods these spirit beings, carved from rare materials - stone, wood and gemstones, are ultimate creations of individual expression. They are also pieces in a grand chess game to be played at a museum like the Guggenheim Bilboa in Spain when the last three pieces are completed.  A “Doodleysquat”, as we affectionally call them, placed in the center of your home will keep off whatever you need kept off – that includes tax collectors and whoever or whatever else you need kept off!

With the intention of individual expression and authenticity of being these fantastic fantasy figures issue from and are free of the weight of any authority other than our love and skillful play with carving Alabaster. Spoken with deep humor but sourced in the originality of spirit from which this art form issues, Paul’s phrase “Serious Art Sucks”! is both a caution and encouragement to all to listen to and follow the truth in our own beings.

These majestic beings demanded their emergence from the stone.  They are transmutational - shift beings – that carry messages of awe and wonder.  To experience their presence is to be in the WOW (World of Wonder) of the unchartered moment!  What is that? What is it made of? What does it mean? What does it do? What’s its name?  Who made it? Why?  The questions themselves will open your possibilities! Some people look right past the Doodleysquats not seeing but if your eyes are open you will be in the wonder with them.  The carvings come through both Paul and Susan.  Paul is carving the nine billion faces of G-d! (He is 28 pieces in.)   Susan is carving rock spirits.  They’re close relatives!

In 37 years 29 Doodleysquats have emerged.  3 more to go before the game begins!  Add your name to the exclusive list of Doodleysquat afficionados!


Original Genuine Alabaster Stone Carvings by Great American Stone Carvers Paul Hawkins and Susan Zalkind.



Lavendar-Mauve Alabaster Rose
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"Dilemma – One of the Great Horned Doodleysquats"
2011- 56"h x 38"w x 16"d


The Dark King in the chess set, “Dilemma” is what we confront daily in our lives – “what to do, what to do” is it not?  Be careful not to get caught on his horns or you might find yourself trapped in the belly of the beast!  He’s carved of Red and Green Alabasters, High Desert Juniper and Iron Wood, wears an Amethyst Crystal necklace, has rare Bismuth Crystal inlaid eyes and does have a hollow belly – large enough to fit a full compliment of ashes! 




Lavendar-Mauve Alabaster Rose
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"The Holy Cow"
2003 - 58 "h x 56"w x 48"d


The White Queen in the chess set Paul says he’s carving the 9 billion faces of G-d – certainly ‘the Holy Cow’ is amongst them.  All our lives we’ve said “Holy Cow”!  Now we can all see, meet, touch that which we have exclaimed all these years.  It’s said if you stroke her tongue you’ll have good Joss for the day. 

Doodleysquat house god Alabaster stone sculpture
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2004 - 36 "h x 27"w x 22"d


“The Holy Cow” needed a friend so “Isabel-Isabella” appeared.  She’s the White Rook in the game and fits perfectly snuggled up under and next to him – a winning team!

Doodleysquat house god Alabaster stone sculpture
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“The Original Doodleysquat”
36 "h x 36"w x 24"d


Carved of Orange and Red Alabasters, inlaid with handcarved Desert Ironwood Teeth and Toenails, showing off Crystal Eyes, this guy was the very first in the series.  As Paul was placing the eyes I came out to the shop and asked him what the piece meant and he said “I don’t give a good g-d damned doodleysquat!”  Thus the name was born.  These pieces embody our art form – they are free – we can do whatever we want!  This piece lives with us.

Doodleysquat house god Alabaster stone sculpture
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2000 - 36 "h x 22"w x 18"d


My fantasy pieces all look like ‘spirit beings’.  Carved from the White and Orange Alabasters inlaid with Amethyst stalactite eyes and Amethyst tail tip “Angelica” was an elegant piece.  This piece was made and sold in 2000

Doodleysquat house god Alabaster stone sculpture
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“The Red Horned Dark Bishop”
1998 - 30 "h x 30"w x 14"d


A magnificent piece carved from the rare Black and White Alabaster, the Agate Red Alabaster, Ironwood, Red Coral and Fossilized Horn Coral Eyes.  Our patron’s beloved husband’s ashes are stored in here.  She’s wanted another for her own ashes to rendezvous with her husband but, sadly in this case, we only make one- of-a-kind!  

Doodleysquat house god Alabaster stone sculpture
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“The Magnificent Great Horned Doodleysquat!”
2002 - 5'h x 48"w x 18"d


This was a breathtaking piece carved from the rarest of colored Alabaster and desert woods, inlaid with Labradorite Eyes.